How Centaurs Rugby Rangoon became a reality.

Rugby for all in Yangon

How Centaurs Rugby Rangoon became a reality.

November 18, 2021 Centaurs 0
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Uncertainty and online learning

We had just arrived in Yangon, straight out of Singapore, when we were confronted by the military take-over on the 1st of February. Uncertainty hit us and, as a result, all schools in Yangon reverted back to online learning again. My kids were unable to meet their new classmates and interact with them to make new friends. Resilient as kids are, they were able to link with their peers online and make friends. Unfortunately, after a few months, many of their newfound friends were leaving, and again they felt alone. 

Time to make a difference

Suffering from this isolation in a new city far away from friends and family, I decided it was time to make a difference. My son played rugby for the Centaurs in Singapore before and he loved it. He missed his mates, playing together and enjoying the much-needed exercise to release his energy.  I was fortunate that I had become a parent-coach of his team.

Give it a try

When we arrived there was no youth rugby club in Yangon, and so the idea of forming a new youth rugby club was born. I gave it a try and luckily more kids were eager to get outside and have fun. In September of this year, the idea became reality. With the support of rugby-loving adults such as Alex,  Dave, and Sly from the Yangon Dragons we started training sessions. Initially with about 6 kids and every week we had more and more kids join the training sessions at the sports facility of the French School in Yangon.

Centaurs to be

After a month, with a proven growing interest I reached out to the Centaurs as I want to create a club with the same values and characteristics. Tim was keen to jump in and help, as our story related so much to his twenty years earlier when he started in the same way. So we are proud to announce that we are Centaurs Rugby Rangoon and we are very much looking forward to testing our skills with our two sister clubs in Singapore and Saigon.

And last but not least I want to thank our previous mates and coaches in Singapore as well as all the parents here in Yangon that have given us their trust to train their children in the great sport of Rugby.

Who are we? Centaurs 

What do we do? Have Fun, Play Fair, Support our Mates.

Go Centaurs.

Support Centaurs Rugby Rangoon

Please support us by liking our Facebook page and if you like to support us and help a less fortunate kid to learn to play rugby, feel free to become a sponsoring parent.


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