About us

Rugby for all in Yangon


“An Inspired Child is an Inspirational Child.”

The Centaurs Rugby Rangoon’s mission is to nurture and enrich the lives of children and adults by developing their physical, mental and life skills through involvement in sports, team-building and leadership training programmes.

SINCE 2021

Wilfred Boerrigter founded Centaurs Rugby Rangoon in 2021 and began coaching rugby to a small group on the the pitcher of the LFIR.

Championing World Rugby’s values of integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect, our club embraces the ethos of “Rugby for All”.


Our Mini-Rugby Development Pathway follows those tried and tested by unions around the world. It introduces 5 to 12 year olds to the skills and technical aspects of Rugby Union in a graduated environment. Centaurs ensures the child’s development and progression to the 15-a-side game (at U13s) is smooth and safe.


There are opportunities throughout the terms for all age groups to play friendlies, in tournaments, and tour internationally.

We provide Rugby training for both Juniors (from U5 to U17) as well as for the Adults (U18 and above)